How to open the beer bottle if no have opener when you want to drink

   Use the bottle opener to open, I first give you a correct security method. Opener that is, we often say that the start. We will use it to open beer bottles, say no more. why would first recommend to everyone this method too, the most important thing is security, the other method more or less all with a certain risk. Because beer is with a pressure of the consumer, incorrect opening will produce an explosion. Such examples too much, what kind of injury the degree has to hurt somewhere, chasing up the reasons to or not to use a bottle opener to open. So the following method if used must be careful.


Drink beer to go to if there is no bottle opener what would you do?

Most people will have a lot of interesting ways:


A: with the teeth up

Sharp teeth. Many staff did not start the child, the General will choose to use the teeth to bite open. Remember, the bite, don't have front teeth, to try to put the cap back teeth where the bite, so as not to hurt the teeth. Bite, not hard to bite, bite not open, it can the wine bottle for a point and then bite.


B: with chopsticks

Multi-function chopsticks. Around chopsticks, use chopsticks to open the beer bottle. Specifically with one hand clenching the wine bottle, and use the thumb to put the bottle cap tightly pressed, and the other hand gripping the chopsticks by the large head, with their pick of pressure of the beer bottle, then two hands at the same time force, you can put the beer bottle cover is open.


C: pad table along with the hand beat

D: with lighter

E: two bottles of beer Gayle to each other from

F: other method


Easy open cap for beer lovers. They can enjoy the wonderful drink with a light pull on the crown cap .

where is the knife in the happiest time at all.

You don't need to worry.

Easy open has good seal ability,but when you pull ring easy retractable crown beer cap,the pressure in bottle will release and the lid is easy to open ring pull.

Easy open beer cap has a ring in the lid.

So just pull out the crown beer cap will be a favorite of a beer drinker,and create a great future.

Wishing you a drink and have fun!