Hainan,TNN is coming!

2016TNN are doing a very good job.Moreorders and more trust from customers.SO this year we have been to HaiNan for our annual meeting.It's a wonderful trip ,thank you for everyone.

In the annual meeting,easy pull beer bottle cap is applying intoall the beer and beverage bottles we drink.The easy pull beer bottle caps arevery good for using.Every one with the easy pull beer bottle cap can open thebeer easily.

The easypull beer bottle cap also save the time,so we can have a happy drinking.Why do easypull beer bottle cap can bring such a good influence,Because it's advanceddesign.The easy pull beer bottle cap is different from the ordinary beer bottlecap.It has a ring attach to the cover for pulling.But the easy pull beer bottlecap has more good seal ability than the ordinary cap.As it is called easy pullbeer bottle cap ,it can be open easily by hand without opener.So we are thank youfor the easy pull beer bottle cap.

In a word,TNN will be better with the easy pull beer bottle cap!