TNN 2016 Review Meeting

The annual summingup meetingis going on 2017.01.17 and each department attend the meeting . Everyone have done agood job in the past 2016 and make the company strong and wonderful.The turnover has increased by two times than the last year.The new product easy open beerbottle cap have a good development future.Easy open beer bottle cap is also anipmortant point in the meeting.


During the meeting,the easy open beer bottle cap as an importantproduct showing in front of everybody.Easy open beer bottle cap is also aproduct with great feature.Easy open cap is different from other cap,becausethe easy open beer bottle cap have a ring attach to the cap.In that design easypull beer bottle cap can be open easily by hand instead of opener.So easy open beer bottle cap can be applied to many conditions.What'more easy open beerbottle cap can fit to all kinds of beer or beverage bottle,even the beanmilk.Just to renew the easy pull beer bottle cap gasket.In a word,easy pullbeer bottle cap is a perfect product.

In 2017 we do belive that with the easy open beer bottle cap,TNN will be better and successful in the career! Easy open beer bottle cap,openthe world easier.