TNN Easy Open Cap on DrinkTec in Munich Germany

2017  TNN - German Exhibition

DrinkTec 2017 in Munich, Germany is the world's leading beverage and food industry, the industry participant from all over the world come to Munich, Germany to participate in the five days Fair, exhibitors will do their best to show the latest products and services. 95% of them is the market leader, of course including we TNN – Easy open cap. As we know, Germany is famous with their beer, so it is suitable for the development of TNN easy pull cap!


On the first day, we harvested more than 50 potential customers, including our agents, customers in cooperation and many new customers. On the fair, we have more than 300 bottles of soft drinks covered by  easy pull cap. The customers are able to open the bottle cap easily and taste the drinks when talking about the business.


On the third day, 95 potential customers, our sample caps, record paper, name card and leaflets are in shortage. Germany and Canada customers as our marketing representative, introduce easy open cap positively to other customers coming to our booth; In the same exhibition room, customer from Ukraine, Turkey and other exhibitors invited us to their own booth to negotiate about agent, Germany equipment exhibitors took  the samples of easy opencap to show their customers directly. Easy open cap will blow up Europe!


The DrinkTec Munich coming to successful ending.

On the DrinkTec we got more than 400 clients, 10 exclusive agent in discussing, and we gave out 1200 bottles of drinks, 500 sets documents, 300 name card, and more than 6000 pieces sample easy open cap. Our small easy open cap has become a shining star for Chinese products. Someone says the market is not good, someone says China is not competitive. Technology lights up the world, and innovation changes life. Thanks of all, Mr. Liu  and Mr. Du,  Thanks Iris, xiashen. Thanks Danny Tang and Mr. Will Chen. Also thanks for all of our customers.

We will reward all of you with our wonderful easy open cap.

At the end , I have to say, small product, high technology, huge market.

TNN are the best!!