Exhibition—China Food and Drinks Fair

Good news.The China Food and Drinks Fair will begin in the 23th Mar.Chengdu Sichuan. TNN will join the exhibition with the new product Easy open beer cap.That is to say,the Easy open crown beer cap will first appear in the exhibition in Chengdu Sichuan.Our booth is 4h124A.In the exbihition,the TNN employee will show the opening way of the Easy open crown beer cap.Everyone will know the Easy open crown structure.

What's more,once you come and look the Easy open beer crown cap,you will get a gift for the thanks of the costumers for coming to see the easy open beer crown cap.Easy open beer crown cap is a wonderful product for it's advantages.

1.Easy open crown cap can use the existing machine for sealing.

2.Easy open crown cap conform to LFGB regulations from Germany.

3.Easy open crown beer cap can widely used in beer,beverage,wine,carbonated drinks,milk,etc.

4.Easy open crown beer cap is anti-fake.

So come and join us the exhibition in 23th Maar.Chengdu Sichuan.

Easy open crown beer cap,open the world easy.