Top Gifts For Beer Lovers

There are alwaysa few people on my list for whom choosing gifts is especially difficult. Theyeither seem to have everything that they could possibly want or I have no ideawhat to get them. If you have someone like that on your list who loves beer, here are a few gifts that they will certainly enjoy.


1.Buy Them a Beer Online

You can offer someone a beer by going to severalwebsites. John Howard/Getty Images

This works especially well withdistant friends and here's how it works:

1.       You go to a website that offers this service.

2.       You buy your friend a beer (or pretty much any kind ofdrink) by, essentially, giving them a gift card.

3.       They are contacted by the site with the news that theynow have a credit to go out and have a drink on you.

Want to give it a try? Check out or BeerGram. Each site works differently andrelies on participating bars in certain locations, so check them both out.


2.Beer Magazines

There are some really good beermagazines out there and this is the gift that keeps giving for an entire year,which is always a nice idea.

o   All About Beer,US - Every issue is packed with industry news, articles that study beer indepth, and a rating section that rates hundreds of beers.
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o   Beer & Brewer, Australia, and NewZealand - A quarterly that features industry news, beer, and food matching,home brewing tips, and beer tasting notes.

o   Draft,US - This magazine focuses on...MORE


3.Beer Books

Every year there are new booksabout beer on the shelves. Here are some recent titles of interest:

o   Red, White, andBrew by Brian Yaeger - This is an entertaining book about oneman's beer odyssey as he explores the American craft beer scene,one brewery at a time.

o   Christmas Beer -This wonderful little book features reviews of author Don Russell's fiftyfavorite Christmas beers as well as some entertaining histories and anecdotesabout Christmas beer.

o   The Brewmaster’sTable - Perfect for...MORE



Collecting beermemorabilia is something that all beer lovers to do at onelevel or another. Whether it be a labeled pint glass or two from favoritebreweries or a rare 19th-century bottle from a long gone brewer, these itemsrepresent brand loyalty, devotion to the brew, and the owner’s particular loveof beer.

You can find signage, glasses,bottle openers, keychains, and all sort of other things from you beer lover’sfavorite brewery. If the brewery itself doesn’t have a website with items for...MORE


5.Beer Clothing

Beerthemed clothing will also goover well with most beer lovers. Make sure, though, that if you are buyingsomething that is branded that it is a brand that your beer lover actuallylikes!

Most breweries sellshirts andcaps. Some also offer pants, jackets, gloves, and pretty much any other articleof clothing that you could think of with their logos emblazoned on them. Checkthe website of a specific brewery for options.



I suppose that this is a ratherobvious choice but one worth mentioning. Nothing would make me happier that asipack of good beer on any holiday or for my birthday and I’m sure most beerlovers would agree.

Whether you go all out and pick out a beergift basket or just go down to the liquor store and pick up apack of your beer lover’s favorite, nothing can top the perfect simplicity ofthis gift.


7.Beer of theMonth Club

If a six pack of good beer seems alittle lame (it’s not!) then a membership in a beer of the month club might bethe direction you want to go.

There are a number of clubs thatwill send your beer geek a new brew every month of the subscription and it is asurprise every time.

Beer Glassware

Does your beer lover have theproper glassware to serve Pilsner? Hefeweizen? Belgian ale? If not, it could beup to you to fix that!



This is a little pricey, but ifyour beer lover has a home bar — or dreams of one — a kegerator would make aperfect gift.

These little refrigerators aredesigned specifically to hold and keep cool a whole keg of beer. Kegeratorshave quickly become one of the must-have items in any man cave and if yoursdoesn’t have one yet, then now would be a great time to get in on the action.


9.Beer Travel

The ultimate beer lover’s gift hasto be an entire vacation based around beer. This growing niche of the tourismindustry can take you all over the world in pursuit of the ultimate beer trail.As a gift, of course, it is beyond pricey but if eternal gratitude is whatyou’re looking for, then a beer based holiday is perfect.


10.Easy open beer cap

Easy open cap is absolutely a great production for the beer lovers.They can enjoy  wonderful drink with the Easy open crown cap .  For you don't need to worry where is the opener at the most happy time at all.Easy open crown beer cap have a ring in the cover.Easy open crown have good seal ability,but when you pull the ring of the Easy open crown beer cap,the pressure in the bottle will release and the cap will open easily by the ring you pull.So easy open crown beer cap will be the beer lover's favorite,and creat a great future.

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