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  The traditional thanksgiving parade probably started with president lincoln proclaiming it an official day. the full- dress parade is a way to display the country’s military strength and discipline. the main aim of such parades is to lift the spirits of the spectators, provide them with wholesome entertainment. in the present day, parades are accompanied with musical shows and celebrities.

  There are eight countries in the world who take Thanksgiving as a legal holiday: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Liberia, Switzerland and the United States.

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  No Thanksgiving: Hong Kong, England and Australia, (No Thanksgiving in Europe) This is not a traditional festival for Commonwealth countries.

  Canada is the second Monday in October every year, holiday 3 days.

  The United States is on the fourth Thursday of every November, with a holiday of 4 days.


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Thanksgiving Day, foreign trade company must not forget to send blessings to customers in Western countries.

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Warm wishes at Thanksgiving.