A fabulous easy open cap

The utility model discloses a fabulous easy open cap, including the cap, connector and the pull ring, the pull ring is connected to the connector at the top, the cover on the right side has a thickened portion. the connector lower portion and the thickened protion is connected.

This new easy open cap mounted to a glass beverage and beer bottle, when used the hand pulling the ring through the connector so that the cover body on the right side is deformed, so as to facilitate the entire cap opened directly, the thickened portion of the set enhanced the connection piece and the cap of the connection strength, the thickeced portion of the force available to drive the cap open. The utility model compared with 

the prior art beneficial effects, can be easily by the pull ring on the cap. easy to use cap on the whole does not exist incision. does not affect the 

structural strength, can be used for ordinary drink of the bottle seal,is also suitable for sealing beer, Cola and other carbonated drinks.