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Knowledge 2: beer only yellow beer and dark beer?

Knowledge 2: beer only yellow beer and dark beer?

Issue Time:2020/04/23

There are many types of beer, but the most popular in the market are yellow beer and dark beer. In many people's consciousness, beer is only yellow beer and dark beer. In fact, beer can be divided into 6 kinds according to flavor (not by color). :

1. Ale: Also known as Aier, it is mainly produced in the UK and is divided into light and dark colors.

2. Becr: The most popular beer in the market, especially in China, is the most common type of beer. The color is light yellow or golden yellow, and the taste is bitter, refreshing and delicate.

3, Lager beer : from German Lagern, meaning storage. The color is clear, the taste is not sweet, it is light, and contain much bubbles. It is mainly produced in the United States and is most famous in the Czech Pilsner.

4, Stout beer: also known as dark beer, large quantity hops, sweet, mainly produced in Ireland, the United Kingdom, of which Ireland's Guinness Stout is the most famous.

5, Porter (Porter): high concentration of wort, thick and thick foam, rich flavor, sweet, strong wine, mainly produced in the United Kingdom.

6, Bock (Bock): also known as mustard beer, usually black and sweet than the average beer, with high alcohol content, winter and spring drink. In the United States, Spring is a six-week Polk Beer Festival.

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