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Knowledge of beer 1 -- Is beer invented by modern times

Knowledge of beer 1 -- Is beer invented by modern times

Issue Time:2020/04/08

Beer can be said to be the "big brother" in the wine. The earliest discovery of beer was recorded in the winemaking method of the Babylonians who used clay plates carved around 6000 BC, and then went to Mesopotamia in 4000 BC. The region has used 16 kinds of beer made from barley, wheat and honey. The use of bittering agents began in 3000 BC, and the use of hops did not begin until 768 AD. Then, with the improvement of brewing technology, the invention of new brewing methods and the emergence of new production equipment, the industrialized production of beer was realized.

The delicious beer we enjoy today is a luxury that only churches and monasteries can enjoy in the Middle Ages. With the new brewing methods and the stimulation of the industrial revolution, beer is now the most popular wine, and the world's beer production has now The first of all kinds of alcohol.

Nowadays, the packaging of beer is also varied, the glass bottle, the aluminum bottles, the cans, and the beer cap is also ingenious. The latest beer cap is called RingTab Bottle Cap, easy to pull to open without opener, easy to seal without changing existing capping machine.

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